Wrist bracelet
Wrist bracelet
Wrist bracelet
Wrist bracelet
Wrist bracelet
Wrist bracelet
Wrist bracelet
Wrist bracelet

Wrist bracelet


Wrist bracelet and more.
It is engraved all by hand, in metallic dark grey color and has a 14K gold leaf coating on the finish.

All bracelets fit to all rists as the made to open and close.


All jewelry is handmade, made one by one by the old method of the old manufacturers of handmade jewelry. That is why each of them is unique, maintaining its luster for many, many years. !!!!


The metals we use are titanium alloy, steel, aluminum, and gold foil.

There is absolutely no allergy problem. This allows a woman who finds it difficult to wear anything other than silver or gold to wear them without fear. The colors do not leave, and remain for many years like the first time.


Creating a piece of jewelry is love .. !! That's why quality is paramount. The law of fashion is also very basic for this and it is impossible to implement it.

What we believe is that every piece of jewelry should complement the woman's femininity and highlight what she wants to express. That's why we suggest you try one of our jewelry, and we are sure that you will fall in love with them, and they will become parts of your daily life.


Welcome to the world of JJ jewelry.



Avoid the use of bleach or other detergents as it may lead to a partial loss of jewelry shine.

Hand Made
Dark Gray
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