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Each order requires great ease the collection of personal data, for delivery or booking an order. Also the use of a credit card, for charges which require identification documents legal biodata first and only time guaranteed in every case. Any documentary evidence and document certifies and declares the customer's identity remains strictly confidential. The presentation by you of your personal data, consent means that the data be used by Surprice.gr employees for the reasons mentioned above. ToSurprice.gr requires site employees and maintainers to provide client users the level of security referred to in this Privacy Statement. In any other case the Surprice.gr can not share with others your personal information without your prior consent, unless required to do so by legal means. Please note that under certain circumstances permitted or required by law or based on a court decision, the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data that is collected online without your behalf prior consent (for example in If the judgment).


Surprice.gr has the ability to use cookies as part of the facility and its services through its website. Cookies are small files (textfiles), which is sent and stored on the user's computer, allowing sites like Surprice.gr to operate smoothly and without bugs collected many choices the user to identify frequent users, to facilitate their access to it, and to collect data to improve the content of the website. Cookies do not cause damage to computer users and the files kept on them. We use cookies to provide you with information and processed your orders while at each exit from the site is automatically deleted. Should be aware that cookies are absolutely necessary in order to function properly and smoothly the www.Surprice.gr website.


Correction, Modify or Delete Information.

Surprice.gr allows users to correct, change, add or delete data and information presented in Surprice.gr. If you choose to delete information, the Surprice.gr will act to remove this information from the files directly. For the protection and safety of the user Surprice.gr will try to ensure that the person who made the changes are actually the same person with the user. To access, change or delete your personal data to report problems with the operation of the website or to make any query contact Surprice.gr via e-mail to the email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript enabled to deite.I change or correct your personal data may also be made through the Surprice.gr registration page. Please note that we will do everything possible to protect your personal data, but protect your password to our website depends on you.




Surprice.gr committed with regard to ensuring the security and integrity of data collected about users of its website. The Surprice.gr has adopted procedures that protect the personal data that users provide the website or provide any other means (eg. Telephone). These procedures protect the user's data from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, and alteration or destruction. They also help to certify that the information is accurate and used properly. Your connection to this is safe because it uses SSL technology (SecureSocketLayer). SSL technology is based on a code key to encrypt data before sending through (SSL) connection. The screening between the data and the Server is based on the unique key to ensuring full communication. The browsers (browsers) NetscapeNavigator, InternetExplorer, MozillaFirefox, Opera, Safari supports the SSL protocol and proposed to use for the link to the website of Surprice.gr.

Periodic Changes.

Constantly Surprice.gr expand, update and improve its website and on products and services that will renew and this policy. We recommend you read this procedure at regular intervals in order to be notified of any changes to the content of this privacy policy. This policy will be modified from time to time without prior notice to users.


Acceptance of Privacy Protection Procedures.

If using this website you accept and consent to this Privacy Statement as well as the terms and conditions of use of the website, which are announced through this.

Limited license.

Surprice.gr, under the terms and conditions set out herein and all applicable laws and regulations, grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, limited right to access, use and display this site and content elements. This license is not a transfer of title to the site and the information and is subject to the following restrictions:

 (1) must keep all copies of the site and details of all the annotations concerning copyright and other proprietary rights and

 (2) you can not modify the site and its components in any way or reproduce or publicly present, or distribute or otherwise use the Site and the information for any public or commercial purpose, unless otherwise permitted with this.

Surprice.gr reserves the right to alter or amend the applicable terms and conditions for use of the Site at any time. Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions to the terms and conditions of use will be effective immediately following their communication, which may be given by any means including, but not limited to, the location of new terms and conditions on the site. Any use of the Site after such change or modification shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by you of such changes, modifications, additions or deletions. The surprice.gr may, at any time, terminate, change, suspend or discontinue any specific features in this site including the availability of photo presentation or description of any product or service.

Limitation of Liability.

Surprice.gr, its employees, or other representatives shall have no liability under any circumstances for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special damages or expenses or penalties, including, but not limited to, lost profits, downtime of business, loss of information or data, or loss of customers, loss or damage to property, and any third party claims arising from or in connection with the use, copying or presentation of this site or its contents or any other related website, whether the Surprice.gr been advised, he knew or should have known this possibility

We would like to point out that in the event that the product does not meet the above requirements will be returned to the sender with the same charge.


 How To Order

Surprice.gr products come to your room with a phone call!

Through the site: you find the product you want and you press the option "Cart" and follow the steps to complete your order.

By phone: calling us at: +30 2103239014

The store (St. Marcus. 11): if the product you want is not available in the store, you can find it and order it through Surprice.gr with the help of store employees.

Return policy

But wanting to meet more customers, to highlight the benefits of using the Internet in our everyday purchases, we offer the possibility of returning goods. Below we present the conditions and ways to return non-defective products.

Return Terms

The date of receipt of your order to the date of application for reimbursement not to exceed 10 calendar days.

The packaging is not compromised and is in its original state.


return process

1. If you are near to our store

In this case you can visit us after check the condition of the product by the official, will guide you himself further.

2. If you receive via courier

In this case

Pack the product in a larger box to be protected during shipment.

Place inside the package that you create a document that indicates the reason for the return. When the product appears likely to return selected his replacement with the same or an equal value.

Send the parcel through the courier agency from which you received your order Returns Department account. Please note that the return costs are charged to the customer.

We would like to point out that in the event that the product does not meet the above requirements will be returned to the sender with the same charge.

For further information we are always available either by phone at+30 2103239014 or via e-mail

Order cancellation

Order Cancellation is accepted only as long as it has not yet been executed (that has been delivery note) and not the product is delivered. In this case you can cancel your order either via e-messaging (e-mail) in info@Surprice.gr, or call the contact telephone numbers:

One of our associates will take the cancellation of your order.

• You have the opportunity to be informed about the progress of your order by phone or by e-messaging (e-mail).


After the cancellation of the order the return of the amount is made by bank transfer upon request.

For further information we are always available either by phone at: +30 2103239014 or via e-mail.

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